What flowers should I give my mother?

Of course, if you know what flowers mom likes, then you should give them. Otherwise, you can use the list below:

- roses.
Almost all women love these flowers. If you don't know much about your mom's preferences, roses are a safe bet. Fresh roses are gorgeous either on their own or in a bouquet or arrangement. Flowers can be on a high stem, which will indicate your good taste. In addition, the price of a rose depends (among other things) on its height. However, a whole armful of small roses on a short stem also looks amazing;

- chrysanthemums.
They are underestimated in vain. These flowers are very persistent. A bouquet of chrysanthemums turns out to be very voluminous. Thus, for less money you can get a lush bouquet that will delight the hero of the occasion for many days. It is important to take a closer look at the different varieties of chrysanthemum. There are very beautiful options. The bouquet can be collected in one color or mixed in many different colors;

- alstroemeria.
Delicate in appearance, but very persistent flowers. With minimal care they can last up to three weeks at home. Pairs perfectly with roses, greenery and other flowers. There is a whole palette of shades. You can also put together a mono bouquet, which always looks stylish;

- gerberas or lilies.
Gerberas are flowers without leaves. Not for everyone. They are bright and can lift your spirits. Look great in a bouquet or arrangement. Lilies are very persistent flowers. However, some varieties have a pungent odor. Here you need to know for sure that your mother is not allergic to them;

- spring or exotic flowers.
If you are tired of the classics, you can choose something else. For example: irises, hyacinths, speedwell, eustoma, calendula, sunflowers, lilies of the valley, peonies or bluebells. Order a mixed bouquet and please your mother with flowers that no one has given her before.

Whatever flowers you choose, the main thing is that they are fresh and given with love. Our close people expect attention and care from us. Everyone wants to know that they are loved and remembered.

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