How to choose fresh flowers - 5 florist tips

Why does it happen that some flowers please us for a long time, while others wither very quickly. This can be explained quite simply. Flowers may not be fresh or have been poorly cared for. They could also freeze or, on the contrary, keep it in the sun for a long time and without water. In this article, we will figure out how to buy flowers correctly:

- choose one permanent salon.
Build good relationships with florists. Regular customers are usually offered the best product. They are afraid to lose them, so they are always politely communicated with them and provide discounts;

- choose flowers in bulk.
It is easier to hide not very fresh flowers in a bouquet or composition. This does not mean that there are no fresh bouquets. It's just logical. In a bouquet it is more difficult to see the leaves. Bright packaging draws attention to itself. However, there are also pluses. In bouquets and arrangements, colors usually last longer. After all, moisture is better preserved there;

- carefully examine the buds.
Especially the edges of the petals. You need to make sure they are not shriveled. Separately, I want to say about the rose. Roses are considered to be the freshest if their outermost petals (shirts) are not torn off. They look sloppy, slightly wrinkled, as if dried up. These deformed petals protect the rosebud at the edges;

- pay attention to the leaves.
The leaves often give away the age of the flower. This is especially true for chrysanthemums. Leaves should be deep green. No yellowness. There must be many. With the exception of flowers that do not have leaves initially. For example, gerbera. In Alstroemeria, according to the standard, all leaves are also removed from the stem;

- look at the window.
There should be bouquets with the same flowers as you have chosen in the window. Or they should be in bulk. In a word, if you pick up the last ones, there is a high probability that they have stood for some time. It happens, of course, that flowers that have just arrived are quickly taken apart. However, this does not happen very often.

Fresh flowers will last much longer in a vase if cared for properly. At least change the water every day. Do not keep the bouquet near the battery or in the sun. Update slice.